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Support Staff Spotlight

August 2016

Mireya Velasco
We are pleased to present legal assistant, Mireya Velasco, for the APAAC Spotlight Recognition.  Mireya has worked with the Santa Cruz County Attorney’s Office since February of 2015.  In that short amount of time she has become a tremendous asset to the office.  Mireya handles the entire misdemeanor caseload including the challenging domestic violence cases.  She approaches every task with a smile no matter how difficult it may be.  The pride she takes in her work and her compassion for victims is evident in everything she does.
Mireya’s passion for assisting victims extends to her community as well.  She recognizes the importance of pulling all available resources to help victims in the event of emergency situations and natural disasters.  Mireya volunteers for the American Red Cross Disaster Action Team and is a FEMA certified instructor.  With FEMA, she trains civilians to identify emergencies and aid first-responders.  As part of the Disaster Action Team, Mireya coordinates resources for victims to provide food, shelter, and clothing.  Her dedication to the Santa Cruz County Attorney’s Office and her community makes this recognition well-deserved.




June 2016

Jeff Holmes
Jeffrey Holmes has been with the Pima County Attorney’s Office since March 2005.  Jeff is assigned to assist prosecutors in Initial Appearances (IA) in the Criminal Division. Jeff is consistent, reliable, organized, and always ensures that prosecutors have the information they need to determine appropriate bond amounts or release conditions for defendants charged with felony offenses.  One of Jeff’s supervisors said:  “Jeff exceeds expectations.  From the moment Jeff started in this position, he was eager to learn everything about his job that would help contribute to the mission of the Office.  He quickly mastered all aspects of his job and continues to graciously share that knowledge on a daily basis with his co-workers.  Jeff is one of the kindest people you will ever meet and we are thankful to him for all his dedication and hard work.” Jeff is an asset to the County Attorney’s Office.  His insight into the IA process combined with his knowledge, experience, and willingness to go above and beyond make him one of the most valuable employees in the Pima County Attorney’s Office.




March 2016

Stacey Canez
Stacey Canez started with the AGO as a COE Student in 2005.  Because she was such a quick study she flourished among many secretaries with years of experience and was promoted to a Clerk Typist I, II and III and then to a Legal Secretary I and II.  She has been assigned to Senior Litigation Counsel in the FSP Section.  Stacey’s positive attitude and ability to adapt to a fast paced work environment has made her an asset to the Attorney General’s Office/Criminal Division.  She is consistent in her work quality and attention-to- detail which makes her invaluable.  Stacey has proven to be a team player and has excelled in all her job responsibilities and assignments. Stacey has mastered the procedures and required paperwork for charging criminal cases either by Direct Complaint or State Grand Jury Indictments.  She also is very conscientious when entering data into the Legal Files case management system and completes her filing and closing of files without delay.  For the past several months she has been assigned to two prosecutors in the FSP Section who have garnered a great deal of trust and respect for Stacy's ability to accomplish tasks, listen carefully and complete documentation correctly.   Even though her secretarial duties expanded this past year, she still continued to complete the various and sundry duties that Section and Division leadership rely on her to complete.  For example, she archives all fraud cases, maintains PSRs/Travel logs for the CRM Division, orders supplies and pays bills and assists the AGO SGJ Clerk as a backup. Stacey is always the first one to assist when the Division is coordinating moves, planning celebrations or delivering items to the court.  No matter the task assigned, Stacey is always willing to contribute.




March 2016

Daniela Bojorquez
Daniela Bojorquez is a knowledgeable and dependable secretary in the Border Crimes Enforcement Section (BCS).    Daniela is instrumental in assisting the Section to produce accurate attorney reports.  She not only continued to update the required databases, but also patiently sat and helped the other secretaries when they had questions or their numbers did not match.  Her extensive computer knowledge continues to be a blessing for the Section.  When the attorneys received Surface Pros during 2015, Daniela was the go-to person for set-up and user questions.  Daniela truly enjoys helping others and does so with a positive attitude. Daniela is a dedicated and valued long-time BCS staff member.  She is a hard working team player who will do whatever it takes to get the job done.  During 2015, Daniela supported two attorneys with heavy caseloads, but still managed to help others and work on special projects. Without Daniela, BCS would not be able to function as smoothly and efficiently.  Dani is an asset to BCS and the Criminal Division as a whole.








January 2016

Jovanna Kirk
Jovanna has been with the La Paz County Attorney’s Office for seven years. In that time, she has worn several hats and exceeded expectations in each and every position. This experience has rendered Jovanna a great resource for staff and attorneys alike. Jovanna’s current assignment involves support for the drug prosecutor from case inception to disposition reporting. Her greatest strength is persistence: Jovanna will try several alternatives seeking solution and rarely takes no for an answer. Jovanna is a tremendous asset to our office and we are very lucky to have her.






December 2015

Becky Hanna
Becky has been employed at Yavapai County Attorney's Office for 14 years.  Because of Becky’s experience in the office, her knowledge is extensive and her co-workers look to her for guidance whenever unique issues arise.  Becky has spearheaded the office's criminal disposition reporting work which has helped Yavapai County receive the highest disposition reporting rate – 84.3 %-- during 2014. This was the highest in the state and the only county with consistent increases for consecutive years.  Becky’s experience with technology and her knowledge of internal processes is helping the office with the implementation of a new case management system.   Becky's commitment to the mission of the office has assisted in providing quality services to the citizens of Yavapai County.   Becky is a true asset to the County Attorney’s Office and she will be missed when she retires in January of 2016.


October 2015

Kathy Prieto
Kathy came to us from the Tucson Police Department just a year ago and brought both a strong work ethic and extensive knowledge. She provides competent and reliable assistance to the Division’s Drug Enforcement Unit, where she processes files and prepares calendars.  She also assists in the central File Room, which processes up to 7,000 files a month.  Her current assignment includes redacting victim information from 911 tapes and she has excelled at that task. When the Division transitioned to a paperless case management system in March, Kathy embraced that transition and welcomed the chance to provide cutting-edge services to victims, companion agencies, and the people of the City of Tucson.  Kathy is always willingly to work any assignment and her quiet confidence and “get it done” attitude make her a standout.

September 2015

Debby Floyd
Debby Floyd has been with the Coconino County Attorney's Office for over 7 years.  She is our traffic cop, gatekeeper and distributor of information.  She performs all of those tasks with a smile on her face and a true desire to help others.  Debby is excellent at dealing with people both on the phone and in person.  She has outstanding customer service skills.  She is very patient and considerate when speaking with the public, law enforcement, defense counsel, victims, and any other person or business that calls our office.  She has a level head on her shoulders knowing what to say when.  As the first person anyone meets when contacting us she is an excellent representative of our office. She make us look good! 





April 2015

Debbie Barnes
Debbie Barnes has been with the Graham County Attorney’s Office since 1996. Debbie started as a secretary and worked her way up to being our office manager. As the office manager, she keeps everything running as smooth as possible. She has a great attitude and is always willing to go above and beyond what is required of her, including working after hours. She possesses more knowledge about how to draft a plea agreement than most of our attorneys. She has the capability of typing up any legal document on a moment’s notice and almost as fast as lightning. Not only does Debbie manage our office, she runs our adoption program. Debbie is an essential member of our office and we would be completely lost without her. Debbie is the glue that holds our office together.