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APAAC Fast Facts

"Empowering Arizona's prosecutors through training and advocacy to serve as Ministers of Justice" - APAAC Mission Statement

Welcome to the APAAC Fast Facts page!

Here you can find hard data on topics of interest to those working in the criminal justice arena. Carefully researched and sourced, these documents are intended to provide the public with a fingertip resource to help answer questions that may come to mind when these issues are discussed.

Civil Forfeiture is a valuable tool for fighting drug and financial crimes. Find out more here. 
2015 Civil Forfeiture Fast Facts
Civil Forfeiture

Marijuana is constantly in the news with the developments in nearby states. Discover more about the realities of this drug here:
Marijuana Fast Facts: Marijuana Harmless? Think Again
Marijuana Fast Facts Brochure

Medical Marijuana is available in Arizona; get the latest information on what that means here:
Medical Marijuana
Medical Marijuana Fast Facts: Marijuana Harmless? Think Again
Medical Marijuana Fast Facts Brochure

Prosecutors have the tough job of dealing with the worst of the worst every day; convicting an innocent person is our worst nightmare, but on the rare occasion a mistake gets made, you can get the real story here:
Prosecutor Error

Juvenile Justice comes with its own challenges and opportunities; see how Arizona deals with the youth who ends up in the criminal justice system here: 
Juvenile Justice NEW